Steel structural engineering

Steel opens up possibilities for the economical execution of even unusual construction projects of differing sizes and application areas. Rädlinger steel construction utilises the diversity of the raw material, and tailors steel constructions precisely to your requirements. We remain at your side as your experienced partners during all phases of a project. Our modern machine pool and comprehensive know-how guarantee on-time processing of your order.

Hall construction

The steel construction method justifiably enjoys great popularity in hall construction. Rädlinger steel construction is able to realise even halls with large span widths using this method within the shortest possible construction period – whether sports, event or industrial halls, for train stations or for airports. The material steel already offers a lot of design freedom during the planning of hall constructions, and creates the optimum prerequisites for high flexibility concerning future reorganisation, conversions and extensions.

Subconstructions and supporting constructions

Subconstructions and supporting constructions made of steel can be used to create sturdy and robust large constructions, and are frequently used as a basis for the attachment of other elements such as facade cladding. Here large span widths with low cross-sections are possible, which give the supporting structures a lightweight and dynamic appearance as well as high load-bearing capacities.

Power plant construction

The electrical degree of efficiency in modern power plants increases as the construction size increases. They achieve sizes which require a material for fast and economically-viable construction which also features high strength and stability at these dimensions: steel unites these properties.

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