Bridge construction

Bridges connect – bridges made of steel connect for a particularly long time! The high strength of the material against pressure and tensile forces makes a lifetime of over 100 years possible for these important components of our modern traffic infrastructure. Whether cables, profiles, sheet metal or girders; whether hot-dip galvanised or coated: our experienced production employees manufacture these components with absolute accuracy. At the construction site, these simply have to be lifted in. This saves time and resources.

Rädlinger steel construction realises bridges with different construction methods for numerous fields of application.

Construction types:

  • Truss bridges
  • Composite bridges

Area of application:

  • Pedestrian bridges
  • Railway bridges
  • Connecting bridges and corridors


Bridge constructions are constantly exposed in all weather. Frost and de-icing salt cycles and an increasing quantity of heavy-duty traffic can place enormous strain on steel bridges and steel composite bridges over time. Over the course of time, they may lose stability and develop into a dangerous hazard for road and rail traffic. However, renovation measures can substantially increase  the lifetime of many constructions.

Using X-ray technology, we obtain an exact overview of the condition of a bridge prior to conducting renovation measures. In this way, we can determine precisely which parts are damaged and whether these can be overhauled directly on the construction or whether they need to be replaced.


Most bridges in Germany originate from the 1960’s and 70’s; some are even substantially older. For the planners of the time, the enormous increase in traffic with a large proportion of heavy-duty traffic and the increasingly high weight of new cars could not be foreseen. Using reinforcements made of steel, existing bridge constructions can be adapted to these modern load requirements and made future-proof. They can also decisively increase the duration of use for bridges with decreasing load capabilities.

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