B15 Bridges over the A93 with AS Saalhaupt

Service description: In the year 2006 the Autobahn Head Office of southern Bavaria, Regensburg Service Agency, instructed Josef Raedlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH, Vilshofen...[more]

Saalhaupt bridge

4 composite steel beams in curve               Length: 50 m Weight: 196.00 t[more]

Aluminium smelting furnace

Aluminium smelting furnace consisting of an oval smelting furnace, a scrap chamber, a cleaning chamber with gates and pipes [more]

Brodswinden motorway depot

Seven trussed beams made from hollow steel sections, L=24.70 m         Roofing made of trapezoidal sheet metal, 2435...[more]

Rodaborn bridge

Tubular truss bridge with perforated plate railings across the motorway            Length: 58.70 m Width:...[more]

Nuremberg airport

Steel building extension with stairs and landings  Weight: 25.35 t [more]

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