Alfeld radio mast

Steel antenna mast consisting of 6 sections Length: 50 m Diameter: up to 1.42 m Weight: 16.00 t[more]

Utility bridge

Utility bridge as truss for steam boiler pipes  Length: 97.25 m Width: 2.00 m Height: 2.00 m Weight: 19.6 t[more]

Radio mast

Conical, tubular steel tower as radio mast, consisting of 6 sections with all necessary mounting brackets for antennas, cables and conductors Length: 42.50 m Diameter:...[more]

Protzenweiher Bridge

12 composite steel beam  Length: 24.00 and 26.00 m Weight: 303.00 t[more]

Hinged roof for biogas plant, Wriezen

Hydraulically tiltable roof elements made from hollow steel sections with roofing     2 roof elements 11.28x5.90 m  1 roof element 6.13x6.80...[more]

Lauferbach noise barrier

124 posts as cut down beams with clamped profiles and cross-members  Length: 3.50 m Weight: 35.80 t[more]

Bridge beams, Weimar bypass

Composite steel beams with auxiliary structure for precast concrete units  Length: 27.90 m Weight: 25.54 t[more]

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