At Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, the design and technology departments from the field of construction machine equipment and steel construction are very closely networked with production. Due to the short paths between development and production, our designers are able to quickly implement their ideas into real products, and therefore to utilise their full innovative potential. Their creative solutions constantly flow into our products, thus ensuring continuous optimisation.

Software-supported FEM calculations (FEM = Finite Element Method) supplement the traditional calculations for strength verifications and permit a virtual simulation which already indicates in the draft phase how forces will affect the individual components. Through this approach, our experienced and highly-qualified technicians are able to detect weak points and problems early on and can thus minimise the risk of later cases of damage.

In addition, this procedure permits a realistic assessment of the load capacity and operational strength of new designs and materials. These virtual prototypes assist with a realistic and practice-orientated analysis, in particular in the case of special designs and products on which material has been strongly reduced. For our customers, this means comprehensive and competent consultation which is orientated on your individual requirements and which leads to efficient and economically viable solutions.

Design-accompanying FEM simulations offer you the following advantages:

  • Short development times
  • First class product quality
  • High loading capacity of the products
  • Optimised use of materials
  • Weight reduction
  • Reduced accidents/cases of damage
  • Products aligned with the field of application
  • Flexible special designs
  • Good value for money

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