Construction of new dual carriageway on the B174 Chemnitz – Gornau

The increasing number of trucks were making the transit traffic en route between Chemnitz and the Czech Republic increasingly sluggish and placing a heavy load on the surrounding small towns. The Saxon office for road construction and traffic granted the order to build a new section of dual carriageway 4.9 km long to the Leipzig branch of Rädlinger Bauunternehmen. After the B174 had been opened for traffic between the outskirts of Chemnitz and the Gornau junction in November 2013, the whole section was completed in June 2014 after less than 2 years construction work.

During these two years, Rädlinger employees moved more than 320,000 m³ of earth, erected four bridges and a retaining wall 120 m long as well as four rainwater retention basins. In addition, they installed around 250,000 t of frost protection layer and applied 110,000 m² of asphalt base layer. The re-routing of about 5,000 m of supply pipes led to an unusual situation: unlike the usual procedure for such projects, [one and the same/the construction] company was responsible for organising and executing the work. The colleagues from Rädlinger Ingenieurbau from Vilshofen supported the Leipzig branch of the construction company during construction of the noise protection embankments along a 3.8 km length of the national road. This measure in particular, as well as the new course taken by the B174, means the inhabitants of the villages near the city now have a quiet life again.

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