Schönthal bypass opened to traffic

Following completion of the construction site at chainage 2400, Schönthal bypass, in May the new east-west axis was opened to traffic.
The application for construction of the bypass had been submitted in 1995, the planning and design work was carried out until 2005. The plan approval procedures and public enquiry began in 2007, and construction began in 2008. The total costs for the new bypass amounted to ¬around 6.9 million euros.
The employer for the new 2.7 km long bypass, which should improve the traffic conditions and create an efficient road network was the State Building Control Office in Regensburg.

Rädlinger was awarded the contract to build the new road. Most of this section of the road was new. The carriageway width is seven metres. The junction and crossing/underpass area of Rhan and Döfering local link roads, and OS Thurau were also widened at the same time. An accompanying path network approx. 4.5 km long was built.

This required stripping approx. 30,000 m³ topsoil and total earthworks of approx. 250,000 m³. Asphalt surfacings of approx. 21,500 m² and 58,000 t frostproof material was laid.

The official opening to the traffic was celebrated on 16/05/2011 with brass band music and drinks. Construction manager Josef Kreitinger of the State Building Control Office in Regensburg, just like Undersecretary of State Markus Sackmann and Mayor Ludwig Wallinger, expressed his pleasure at the completion of the new bypass.

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