Synergy effect from the eastward expansion of the A44

Until now, the west-east carriageway of the A44 ended in the East at the A7 near Kassel. With the expansion in this direction to the A4 near Wommen, the thus far missing connection between the old and the new federal states will be created, which will make a considerable contribution to improving the level of service and local connections and to ensuring the economic future of the region. The Leipzig branch of Rädlinger Bauunternehmen is working on three construction sections in the framework of this enormous construction project together with its contracting partner HTI Greußen, which will assume responsibility for bridge construction services. The first two projects are being attended to by an average of around 50 Rädlinger employees.

In October 2014, the new construction of the Waldkappel junction was started. Rädlinger has been working on the construction of the four slip roads, two traffic roundabouts and a rainwater retention basin. Since July 2015, more employees from the Leipzig branch have now been working on the second construction section, the new construction of the 2.5km-long stretch between the Waldkappel exit and the pre-cut to the entrance of the Trimberg tunnel. Two rainwater retention basins have also been constructed here and huge terrain modelling carried out over three areas. The excess material from the stretch and the pre-cut of the Trimberg tunnel was used to create levees in the area of the future route and for terrain modelling.

During the earthwork measures, Rädlinger benefits from synergy effects with the nearby JR “Albungen Flood Protection” construction site, where an additional flood channel has been set up parallel to the Werra river, from which a gravel-sand mixture can be extracted on a large scale; this can then be reused as bulk material on the A44 construction sites. This plays an important role, particularly in view of the extensive eroded valleys, which are in parts overcome with the construction of embankments. In addition, the material can partly be used as soil replacement for the civil engineering works. For both construction measures, several aspects relevant to the environment and nature preservation must also be taken into consideration. This means, for example, that protective fences for bats have been set up in large parts on both sides of the approx. 3.5km stretch and the foundations necessary for these have been created by bored piles.

However, before things really took off, the construction site had to be cleared, i.e. more than 1,100 root stocks were pulled up and approx. 110,000m³ of topsoil removed. Where gaps in the terrain were created for the course of the road, the excavators collected more than 900,000m³ of soil and rock, which can then also be reused for embankments. In addition to the earthwork, Rädlinger is also responsible for the construction of the entire drainage of the road and the preliminary works on the stretch, for installing cable ducts and for laying cable conduits for telecommunication cables and traffic control.

With the recently received order for a third construction section between the Hessian Lichtenau and Hasselbach, Rädlinger is strengthening its presence in the state of Hesse. Since 2013, the Leipzig branch has acquired an increasing number of orders. It is not just these three major projects that provide proof that things are running successfully.

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