Digging of the first turf for the extension of the refuelling and service area in Aurach

With the official digging of the first turf, on 25/07, construction work began for the extension and structural alteration of the refuelling and service area in Aurach in both directions on the A3 motorway between Würzburg and Nuremburg.

Rädlinger was awarded the contract for the expansion of the service areas between Erlanging-West and Frauenaurach junctions. By the end of 2014, the number of parking spaces for cars, trucks, buses and trailers is to be increased from 94 to 377, as based on traffic counts, Aurach service area has been 433 % overloaded to date.

Apart from creating new parking spaces, it is also planned to build a new petrol station with restaurant on the south side and to alter the existing petrol station on the north side. In addition, noise barriers will be built for the protection of local residents.

Following the extension, the new service areas should provide improved conditions for relaxation for motorists and above all, solve the problem of "wild parking" at night.

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