Ground-breaking ceremony for B464 expansion work

Many commuters and residents have longed for construction work on the expansion of the B464 bypass and the Altdorfer intersection to begin for some time now. At the ground-breaking ceremony in late April, Baden-Württemberg's minister of transport, Winfried Hermann, also described the construction project as "long overdue". Jams have accumulated here every day for over ten years in both directions on this busy highway. Between 30,000 and 35,000 vehicles per day use the 1.7km-long stretch in Holzgerlingen.

Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH was awarded the contract for this major infrastructure project. The construction project includes the four-lane expansion of the main road, the construction of several temporary, auxiliary roads for diverting traffic and the construction of a concrete groundwater basin with a roundabout above it at the central Holzgerlingen/Altdorfer junction. The B464 will no longer lead to into traffic lights – its two lanes will run below the roundabout built at ground level. Ramps parallel to the main road will allow motorists to exit towards Holzgerlingen and Altdorf.

The work should be completed by autumn 2016, thereby putting an end to the daily traffic jam. Norbert Barthle, state secretary for the Federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure, believes that the project will also make an important contribution "to relieving Holzgerlingen and to the sustainability of the region" and that it is "key for growth and employment".

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