Six lanes for the A6 near Nuremberg

The approx. 6km-long stretch between the Nürnberg-Süd and Roth junctions on the A6 is a real bottleneck. On average, 78,000 vehicles currently travel along the motorway, on which commuters and east-west transit traffic merge together, every day. By 2025, this number is predicted to rise to 88,000 cars and trucks every day. The traffic problem should be solved by the six-lane expansion of the section and the noise impact on local residents reduced by noise-protection walls and low-noise asphalt. After Federal Minister Dobrindt and Bavaria’s Interior Minister Herrmann turned the first spadesful of earth, the construction project initially came to a halt due to the insolvency of the responsible construction company.

The re-tendering of the major project was taken on by the contracting partners Rädlinger and Bögl. As part of the measures, approx. 150,000m³ of earthwork was undertaken, 50,000m³ of topsoil levelled and 145,000m³ of frost protection laid down. 19,000m of drainage pipelines will lead the rainwater away from the motorway in the future. The construction site team will also erect a 1.6km-long and 5m-tall wall made of gabions, onto which the 5m-tall noise-protection wall will then be established. In mid-August 2015, the measure commenced with the clear goal of making up for lost time and to stick to the initial completion dates. Only 4.5 months remained for the extension in the direction of Heilbronn in the year 2015. This year will see further construction in the direction of Amberg.

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