Dragline buckets: Rädlinger extends size classes

Over the course of the past year, Rädlinger Maschinenbau recorded an increasing demand for dragline buckets of larger sizes. The construction machinery supplier is now covering this demand by extending its range of dragline buckets by twelve additional size classes at the top of the range.

In order to satisfy the most varied customer requirements, Rädlinger already offers its dragline buckets in 21 different series as a normal or heavy version. With the twelve additional classes between 8 ½ and 18 cubic yards, previous special designs are now included in the range of standard solutions. Nevertheless, the mechanical engineering company will continue to attend to individual solutions at the customer’s request.

As with the previous models, the designers attached the utmost importance to a robust, resilient and wear-resistant design. The special tool is used to transport and pick up bulk goods and, attached to a cable excavator, for underwater gravel extraction, and is thus exposed to hard use in sand or gravel pits and for earthworks or dyke construction work. The completely welded design made from wear-resistant steel is, therefore, given additional reinforcement in particularly stressed areas. The drag chains had generous dimensions to compensate for signs of wear.

In spite of the emphasis on strength and resilience, approx. 20 % of the weight could be saved. In addition, the designers improved the operability and the capacity of the buckets. The capacity of the new size models ranges from 6.49 m³ to 13.76 m³. Due to the shape optimised to match their practical use, the Rädlinger dragline buckets are easy to operate, fill very well, and are easy to empty. Furthermore, the drag chain shackle that can be set in three different positions aids the ease of operation.

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