Rädlinger invests in Rathsmannsdorf business park

The decision has been made - the four entrepreneurs Paul, Rädlinger, Maier and Schicketanz are agreed and will invest in Rathsmannsdorf  business park. Located directly at Aicha vorm Wald motorway junction in Lower Bavaria, the intention is to build a business park with model character on an area of 200 000 square metres. To document their intentions, the four entrepreneurs have signed a declaration of intent. It is planned to implement a joint energy concept with a combined heating and power station and a joint administrative structure, a car park and canteen for all employees working in this location. Following completion, Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH, currently based in Vilshofen, will move to Rathsmannsdorf, and the number of employees will increase from 150 to 250. Rädlinger will occupy around 60 000 square metres of the area in the new business park.

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