Redesign of Steinmarkt in Cham

There are doctor’s practice, pharmacies and a number of shops at Steinmarkin the old town in Cham. Accordingly, the square is much frequented by pedestrians and motor vehicles. Closing the area has a massive impact not only for residents, but also on the whole traffic situation in Cham.

During the renovation and extension work, the replacement of cables and pipes and the laying of new granite paving by Rädlinger Bauunternehmen, traffic control and the associated logistical tasks of construction site safety and access routes is one of the greatest challenges.

A number of archaeological finds, especially old stoves, stopped the excavators in their work. During the construction project, street lighting cables and 20kV and telecom cables were re-laid/laid underground and the lighting itself replaced. The many cables and empty conduits that run across Steinmarkt did not make the task easier. As well as the usual number of cables, the main telecom line is under Steinmarkt with six bundles of cables and 800 wires each for the district town and the surrounding villages throughout the area for the dialling code. There are also two underground transformer stations of Stadtwerke Cham with inlets and outlets.

The old surface of asphalt, small-stone granite paving and concrete slabs was replaced by large-stone granite paving and large granite slabs ranging in colour from grey to yellow.  In the course of the project at Steinmarkt, the following were laid

  • approx. 1,000 m² large-stone granite paving on road surfaces and parking areas,
  • approx. 100 m² granite slabs for the construction of the drainage channel and
  • approx. 1,000 m² granite slabs in 18 sizes on the pavements.

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