New record for dragline buckets

2015 was clearly the year of the dragline bucket. Never before had Rädlinger manufactured and sold greater quantities of the special tool. A clear indication that Rädlinger Mechanical Engineering has established itself as the market leader.

The order from construction machinery manufacturer Liebherr for 50 units right at the start of the year was a real thunderbolt. All of them went to the Turkish State Hydraulic Works, together with cable excavators manufactured by Liebherr. It is using the 2½ cubic yard dragline buckets with a filling volume of 1.9m³ for measures in flood protection and for excavating rivers and lakes. The first 10 dragline buckets left the production floor in Cham in April 2015, and the last in August 2015.

The basis for the major order was formed by the successful cooperation in the manufacturing of an 8½ cubic yard dragline bucket in the previous year. It was an application tool with which the biggest cable excavators in the world celebrated its construction site premiere.

This dragline bucket specimen impressed greatly with its 3.7m length, but it was only during the manufacture of two more dragline buckets between August and October 2015 – also for Liebherr – that we reached a whole new level. The two 14 cubic yard buckets, with which gravel is to be conveyed in Mexico in the future, have impressive dimensions: 4.43m length, 3.32m width and 3.20m depth. A bucket load can collect approx. 10.7m³ of gravel and could thus fill an entire tri-axle vehicle in one fell swoop.

All orders were carried out in close cooperation with Liebherr. Only in such a manner could the power and performance of the crawler cranes be optimally translated into efficiency and great extraction quantities.

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