New noise-protection walls on the A7 near Kassel

At 962.2km long, the A7 is not only the longest motorway in Germany, but also the longest continuous national motorway in Europe. Its north-south axis runs through six German states from the Danish border near Ellund to the Austrian border near Füssen.

In the course of the eight-lane expansion of the A7, a contracting partnership of Rädlinger Bauunternehmen in Leipzig and Hentschke Bau erected a new noise-protection wall over a total length of 1,483m on the west side of the highly frequented state motorway near Kassel. Precise coordination between the two companies ensured interruption-free operation on the linear construction site.

The concrete and asphalt material, taken from the dismantling of the old crib wall, noise-protection walls and concrete wall elements, was recycled by specialists from Rädlinger for later use in the 0/32 frost protection layer. The location of the construction site in a class III water conservation zone required a very particular approach for this construction in order to fulfil the special requirements regarding soil and groundwater protection: whilst the concrete and asphalt remains were crushed directly on the construction site, sifting for the partial reprocessing of the soil took place in an interim storage facility on a close-by industrial park. A fog canon ensured minimal dust pollution. All required approvals for the construction in the conservation area were obtained by the responsible employees from Rädlinger way in advance. Together with the construction trench safeguarding with geotextiles, the sustainable reuse of the old material – 720m² of wall elements, 4,800m² of crib walls and 1,500m³ of concrete foundations – made a considerable contribution to the economic efficiency of the whole construction measure.

By the expected completion date of June 2016, the Rädlinger team will have removed approx. 40,000m³ of soil and installed 1,500m of piggyback pipelines and 5,400m² of noise protection elements. With an area of 2,200m², the first crib wall erected by the company Rädlinger is of a considerable size.

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