New challenge in the Bavarian capital

The network construction department has once again landed a huge project in the capital of Bavaria. On behalf of the Munich Public Utility Company, the network construction team is implementing the underground cabling works as part of the redevelopment of the Schwabing transformer station between August 2015 and December 2017. The first of three construction phases will be completed by mid-September 2015. During the main construction period, approximately 12 employees are working at the construction site, removing old stock and laying new electricity routes with pipelines with a voltage between 10kV and 110kV. The particular challenge of the project is the implementation of the civil engineering works in the centre of Schwabing, where sections of the cables pass through the area of the tram network or 2.5m under roads and pavements in installed trenches.

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26.07.2012 Digging of the first turf for the extension of the refuelling and service area in Aurach

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26.08.2014 Gas pipes set up to Stammheim prison and Heimsheim prison

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16.12.2013 Record year for asphalt construction in Selbitz

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