New junction, and additional noise-reduction measures for the A99

In March 2014 Rädlinger Bauunternehmen began laying the Aschheim junction on the A99. During the morning rush hour, the area was experiencing overloading of intersections, the traffic was not flowing and congestion was reducing motorway capacity. At the beginning of the work, in order to ensure the flow of traffic in the east of Munich during the execution of construction work on the planned junction, Rädlinger Bauunternehmen put in place the temporary arrangements involving the Bundesstrasse B471 and the Kreisstrasse M3. For this alone, 92,000 m³ of soil was incorporated for embankments and surface works. As from June 2014, the work creating the new clover-leaf junction started, involving soil totalling approximately 240,000 m³ being delivered and, in part, disposed of. The asphalting work for both phases of construction, involving an area of 62,500 m², was taken on by Rädlinger Asphaltbau.

Parallel to the A99 at Ottobrunn, over a length of about 2 km, ran works for the construction of noise protection walls on both sides, using noise barriers. The wall-barrier combination will have a total height of 12 m and will span three intersecting state or municipal roads. The necessary earthworks, loosening, loading and replacement of about 75,000 m³ of soil and the delivery of 195,000 m³ of soil or recycled building materials, was effected by the Rädlinger Bauunternehmen. Rädlinger Ingenieurbau will begin the installation of 12,000 m² of noise barriers – mostly of highly absorbent concrete – in 2015. The preparation of the subordinate road network of local roads, as well as paths across fields and through woods, will be performed by Rädlinger Asphaltbau upon completion of the other works.

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