Developing from large excavator buckets to create a diverse product portfolio

In a few weeks, it will come around again; the international construction industry will meet in Munich at the heartbeat of the industry, bauma. The hearts of its visitors will also beat louder, in particular on seeing the big construction machines with high service weights, and the generously-dimensioned attachments. Such excavator buckets and loading shovels were what awoke the ambition and passion of the family-run Rädlinger company group and made them enter the industry for construction machine equipment in 1988.

Even then, Rädlinger processed large construction sites on roads and motorways in the construction sector, and extracted mineral raw materials in their own stone quarries and gravel pits. High-performance construction machines and large attachments were already therefore part of their machinery fleet almost three decades ago. When the Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH was founded in the late 80’s, the focus was initially placed on production for the company’s own requirements. Even prior to the foundation of the company, the senior Managing Director, Josef Rädlinger, had excavator buckets produced in accordance with his own plans and design drawings in order to achieve optimum operation characteristics. This accelerated the company’s entry into production, and it was soon producing for the open market due to increasing interest in such services. In this way, Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau developed into experts for large attachments. Individual solutions and special constructions became a speciality and a trademark of the company.

Over the past years, construction sites in constricted, inner city areas have increased in number, and the gardening and landscape gardening sector has grown consistently, as has the demand in the mini-excavator segment. Rädlinger continued to develop its qualifications and experience gained in the field of large excavator buckets, extended its product range and entered series production. The turnover figures show that their efforts have paid off. As the largest independent provider of attachments in Germany, Rädlinger supplies construction machine manufacturers today as an OEM and traders for very different construction machine brands.

However, the developments in the small device sector are not the only trends which have influenced the attachment industry. The logistics and extraction industries demand increased efficiency through larger and higher-performance attachments. One example of this: A Rädlinger heavy duty shovel with a cutting width of 2.4 m for a gravel works. One bucket-load of this colossal device can total up to 7,5 m³. Special constructions, which is what large excavator buckets and shovels basically are due to their usually demanding applications, therefore continues to represent an important business field for Rädlinger.

Particularly popular products are attachments in heavy-duty design, such as heavy duty shovels or ripper buckets. In operation, they have to cope with high levels of wear and large shear forces, which is why close coordination with the customers and highly precise adaptation to the supporting device and the respective area of application are of great importance. In addition to the already-robust construction, different levels of armour-plating are possible, which protect the bucket against wear. Another heavy duty shovel recently delivered was provided with wear strips on the back and inside of the bucket to increase its service lifetime. This bucket, with its filling volume of approximately 3 m³, is now being used in slate extraction. During penetration and lifting of the material, a screw-on blade armour-plating protects the trapezoidal blade of the bucket, which has a cutting width of 1.7 m.

Those who visit the Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH booth at bauma (Hall A6, booth 212) will get to know the full width of the range: from the large heavy duty shovel right down to the little backhoe bucket for use on mini-excavators.

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