New pipeline construction at the Werk Gendorf industrial park

InfraServ Gendorf operates the Werk Gendorf industrial park with over 30 resident companies and some 4,000 workers and provides all general services, including power supply, infrastructure and sewage disposal, with its 1,000 employees. Since October 2012, the Rädlinger civil engineering team has been implementing several individual measures in the areas of pipeline and cable line construction for the operating company.

The projects on the site of the industrial park required all employees of the civil engineering team to pay greater attention, particularly with regards to safety regulations. Over 2,000m of site and drinking water pipelines have been removed and replaced by new steel pipes with diameters between 100 and 600mm, and several kilometres of cable conduits have been renovated. Even more will be done by August 2016. The civil engineering team took on associated works, such as excavation, lining trenches to safeguard the utility trenches and asphalt construction. Different ‘alien’ lines for telecommunications, supply and disposal or electricity made a particularly cautious approach necessary, because it had to be ensured that production was uninterrupted during the time that the measures were being implemented and pipelines on which the works were being carried out could still be in operation.

During the implemented works, the team also worked on contaminated areas in which they had to deal with chemical or biological pollutants. Such areas were physically separated by site fences with sight protection and were only able to be exited via a building just outside set up for preliminary cleaning and undressing. The so-called “black and white” facility, with two rooms – one for getting undressed and one for getting dressed – linked by a washroom, forms a type of sluice system for decontamination. In order to be allowed to work in these areas of the chemical site, the construction site team had to undertake a special medical examination and complete subsequent training on respiratory protection delivered by the on-site fire department in accordance with the specifications of occupational health and safety protection. The excavators used for these areas also had to have a suitable aerated cabin to protect the operating staff against outside influences. For this purpose, breathable air was generated in a special container and filled into integrated compressed air bottles. Construction measures of this kind were also something new for InfraServ Gendorf. However, in close cooperation with the local occupational safety organisations and the employers’ liability insurance association, the Rädlinger civil engineering team has been able to handle all tasks so far without any problems thanks to the help of a special working and safety plan.

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