A look back over the year: news in terms of construction machine equipment

Stopping and resting on one's laurels due to the success of existing products is not an option in terms of construction machinery. The construction and mining sectors, and thus the requirements for the accessory equipment and tools, are constantly changing. In order to hold your own against competitors, the range must be extended and optimised.

With this in mind, a product offensive was also launched this year on the growing garden landscaping market. To serve this market optimally, the range has been extended and revised to include small devices for mini-excavators. The first step came with the launch of the tilt motor JR Tilt 90 at Bauma 2013. Since the middle of this year the tilt motor has been available in a 390 version for mini-excavators from 1.5 to 2.8 t, in addition to the existing classes (1090 (up to 10 t), 790 (up to 8 t) and 590 (up to 6 t)). The range of mini backhoe buckets and mini trench clearing buckets was also extended from five to nine classes. In the same vein, the design department revised the mini buckets and optimised them with regard to savings on materials, functionality, stability and protection against wear.

While the demand for small machinery grows in the construction sector, the trend towards larger machines and attachments continues unabashed in the mining industry. The growing economic demands for increased efficiency manifested themselves in customer demand for larger dragline buckets for the wet extraction of gravel. The result is a range expansion from 21 to 33 classes. The largest steel scoop bucket built this year has a capacity of about 6.5 m³, i.e. one bucketful could fill about 33 bathtubs.

A completely new product in the Rädlinger product range is the demolition and sorting grab. This special tool perfectly complements the existing range for the demolition and recycling sector, both in terms of its efficiency and its precision. Due to waste and environmental regulations, demolition and dismantling work is performed in a much more targeted manner today than a few decades ago, meaning that one attachment can no longer have the versatility and flexibility necessary for different applications. This year, Rädlinger Maschinenbau was already able to record its first smaller and larger business transactions concerning these new products, as well as positive feedback in this respect. In 2015, what is important is keeping at marketing and not losing sight of developments in the sector!

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