Trapezoidal trench buckets – niche product and user favourite

Trapezoidal buckets are hardly ever included in the basic equipment of an excavator. However, if there are muddy and overgrown trenches to clean, unstable and sluiced road shoulders to regenerate or new trenches to excavate over greater distances, then they quickly become a user favourite. It is exactly in these types of area of application that the special bucket geometry is impressive compared to traditional trench buckets.

In addition to the standard version, which is primarily suited to cleaning trenches, regenerating road shoulders or maintaining forest paths, special versions by Rädlinger Mechanical Engineering are also in use. These include rigid trapezoidal buckets, which have sufficient stability to move large masses of earth and to create new true-to-profile drains or utility trenches, for example. The users – e.g. in forestry companies, road maintenance depots, building yards or in pipeline construction – know about their huge importance to be able to carry out trench works easily, precisely and efficiently.

“More performance in less time!”; that’s how the advantages of trapezoidal trench buckets over traditional trench buckets can be simply summarised. Many hundreds of metres of trapezoidal trenches can be created or cleaned in one move. The cleaning and maintenance of trenches for the drainage of surface water not only plays an important role alongside roads. Maintaining them is also important on gravel and forest paths to protect these against erosion and frost damage by water that is not draining or draining uncontrolledly.

Flexibility is offered by the separately adjustable wings, with which the Rädlinger trapezoidal trench bucket can be equipped. This means that both sides of the embankment can be created independently of one another at angles of between 30 and 55 degrees and in just one working step. Obstacles such as boulders can also be easily circumvented without impairing the works. The construction machine operator has maximum flexibility with the rotatable and tilting model. 45 degree rotation radius and two times 45 degree tilting angles reduce the need to reposition the construction machine, simplify the implementation of the works – e.g. when levelling and compressing the road shoulder – yet further and thus increase the hourly performance. The advantages for the user? Valuable time for other lucrative activities, great customer satisfaction and a significantly better profit earnings situation.

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