Early opening to traffic of the new A4 Hörselberge bypass

Already on 6 January 2010, the new A4 motorway north of Hörselberge was opened for traffic: In the direction of Frankfurt, it already boasts three lanes on 16 kilometres. At the ends of the section in construction, only two lanes each will be available until approximately September.

After a construction period of two years, the 24.5-kilometre new section of the A4 is to be opened one year before schedule. During construction of the Hörselberge bypass, 3.7 million cubic metres of soil have been moved, 53 kilometres of drainage pipes laid and one million tonnes of antifreeze agents used thus far. In addition, 24 new bridges have been built, including three major viaducts.

As part of the A4 Hörselberge PPP model, Josef Rädlinger Bauunternehmen GmbH is, in addition to the commercial management of the construction joint venture, also in charge of the earthwork and roadway construction joint venture on the engineering side. At peak times, some 150 Rädlinger employees and 125 machines were in use.

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