Holiday outing to the Rädlinger company group

Children from ASV Cham went on a holiday outing with a difference on Thursday, when they visited the Rädlinger company group. Once arrived, they headed across the company grounds, past different construction vehicles and equipment, to the production halls of Rädlinger mechanical engineering.

Once there, there was quite a lot for the children and young people to see and learn. In the machining department, they were able to experience at close hand how metal parts are machined in the various milling machines and lathes, and what the swarfs that arise in the process look like. After a brief glimpse of the welding cabins, where the excavator buckets and shovels slowly take shape, the group proceeded to the Anfas robot. Equipped with appropriate protective goggles, participants in the holiday event were able to keep a very close eye on the movements of a robot arm when cutting sheet metal bezels for joint preparation and watch the sparks fly. The children also got a sense of the power of machinery in the case of the folding machine, which shapes sheet metal plates and parts. At the next stop, for the flame cutter, visitors not only witnessed how sheet metal parts of various forms are cut out of large plates, but also how these heavy sheet metal plates are transported. This requires a transport crane, which uses a large magnet to place the plates on the flame cutter.

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