First use of horizontal drilling technology

The broadband expansion in the municipality of Neukirchen by Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH as commissioned by Telekom Deutschland GmbH is well underway. On Wednesday, Rädlinger also introduced for the first time its newly-procured machine for the horizontal drilling technology at the construction site near Taußersdorf. “We are well within schedule with our construction”, reported Andreas Schönberger, Head of Department for network construction.

The environmentally-friendly flush-drilling procedure can be deployed across an approx. 2.3 km-long section. Here the pipelines are laid underground without having to excavate a trench. “This horizontal flush-drilling system featuring a 2-metre drill pipe screwed together into one drill string and a drilling head with a diameter of 150 mm works by flushing a small subterranean channel from the start trench to the next construction trench. As it withdraws, a 50 mm empty pipe is inserted, into which the telecommunications line will subsequently be laid. The new horizontal flush-drilling system has a tensile and thrust force of 18 tonnes, and can be applied both to rock and to all other types of ground”, explained the on-site Rädlinger Construction Team.

The Mayor, Rudi Seidenader, expressed his delight at the good construction advancements and on the flush-drilling procedure now used. This is good for all participants. In addition to the faster construction procedure, no roads had to be ripped open and less surface area was taken up, which also saved on compaction and surface work and therefore on costs. Both Mayor Seidenader and the Head of Department for network construction Schönberger praised the excellent partner collaboration between all those working on the construction site for the broadband project in Neukirchen. According to Telekom, the construction measure for the fast Internet connection is to be completed by August.

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