Energy supplier N-ERGIE visits Rädlinger

Last week, representatives of the energy supplier N-Ergie visited the Rädlinger Group to learn more about the head office and corporate departments. The network construction department at Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH has already implemented several projects for N-Ergie, which is one of the top 10 companies in the German electricity market. The network area covers large parts of Middle Franconia as well as parts of Lower Franconia, Upper Bavaria, Swabia and Upper Palatinate. The spectrum includes the safe provision of electricity, natural gas, heat and drinking water to customers.

Head of Department, Andreas Schönberger, and the network construction site managers welcomed the representatives of N-ERGIE in the morning to the commercial district of Rathsmanndorf (municipality of Windorf) for a visit to the new, still-under-construction head office of Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH. The guests also had the opportunity to get to know the Managing Director Helmut Schmöller, the Commercial Director of the branch, Alois Bumberger, and the Head of the Pipeline Construction/Infrastructure Department, Peter Friedrich. Managing Director Helmut Schmöller presented the plans for the head office to the visitors and guided the participants through the almost completed shell construction of the office building.

The visitors were then taken to the headquarters of the Rädlinger Group in Cham, where the company owners, Josef and Werner Rädlinger, and the Managing Director Rüdiger Altmann welcomed the representatives of N-Ergie. After the short stop-off, Production Manager of the Group, Martin Schierer, offered an insight into the production process in the modern production plant of the Primus Line corporate sector in Weiding. To allow the visitors to learn more about the trenchless rehabilitation technology Primus Line® and its potential, the company tour included an explanation of the production processes and quality control mechanisms, a presentation of product testing, details on the installation process and an illustration of the diverse possible applications.

The subsequent discussions with the Technical Director, Robert Goletz, and the Construction Director, Wolfgang Brungs, were concerned with the possible applications of Primus Line®. This did not yet see the end of the trip: yet another completely different scenario still awaited our guests at the company’s own Blauberg quarry. In close proximity to the huge construction machines, the visitors were able to experience granite being quarried and to find out more about the work processes of the crushing plant and the asphalt mixing plant located there. Back at the company headquarters in Cham, the eventful day came to an end with a few snacks and discussions about the visitors’ impressions of the day. And the next visit was also planned for when the new office building of Rädlinger Civil Engineering is ready.

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