Optimally set up for the coming years

It became apparent even during the first days of the trade fair, and was confirmed just after it ended: bauma 2016 was an overwhelming success for the construction machine supplier. And this was the case in many and diverse ways. Werner Rädlinger, Managing Director of the family-run company, explained: “The trade fair progression proved to us that we had taken exactly the right steps over the past three years. The level of interest, the level of recognition and our customer base network have proven us right. At the same time, bauma also points the way for the next three years. And we can be highly satisfied with the perspectives open to us”.

The hard work of the past three years is paying off

Much has happened at Rädlinger over the past three years. The production capacities of the company with approximately 200 employees have been expanded. The Sales Team has also been reinforced and has thus increased their presence for the customer, the customer loyalty and the size of the circle of customers and traders. This presence could be perceived not only at the company’s own highly-popular booth, but also at the trade fair booths of the various construction machine manufacturers and traders, with whom the construction machine supplier maintains close contacts. In total, Rädlinger was represented with over 100 exhibits at the world’s largest construction machine trade fair.

As far as the product portfolio is concerned, a differentiation has arisen in particular over the past three years regarding attachment offers for the mini-excavator segment. The backhoe and trench excavation buckets have also been adapted to the conventional machine classes in this field as well as the size classes of the rotary motors by Rädlinger. The JR Tilt 90 was one of the focuses of Rädlinger’s own booth.

Flexibility for operators is the coming trend

More flexibility and complete solutions were, for Head of Sales Daniel Meindl, the top topics of bauma 2016: “bauma indicated the growing trend for products required for work in very constricted spaces”. The feedback from customers on the easy-operation vertical swivel function of the JR Tilt 90, at 90 degrees on both sides, was therefore highly positive. In this way, excavator drivers obtain an additional degree of freedom and more room for movement, which on the other hand increases the efficiency of the attachments. In particular, the JR Tilt 90 is characterised by its low construction height and the integrated oil throughput for the hose-free control of hydraulic quick-coupler systems.

Individuality is in demand in the field of large excavator buckets

Even if the majority of visitors were focussed on mini and compact machines and suitable attachments, bauma did also manage to provide a platform for users from the field of mining, and it is in fact mainly the large machines and tools which really draw the crowds. “In the field of large excavator buckets, it is even more important to understand the requirements of an operation so that the right solution can be provided“, says Meindl. Individual solutions and special constructions were in his opinion therefore another important topic at bauma 2016. Here the mechanical engineering company, whose roots lie in this area, can incorporate their entire experience. This knowledge is not just of a theoretical nature, as the construction company belonging to the group has long provided its practical experience in gravel extraction and major earthworks.

Focus on safety regarding quick-coupler systems

For the first time, Rädlinger presented to the public at bauma its new electronic locking control systems for hydraulic quick-coupler systems, the “JR Sensor Control”. The system helps to make the operation of hydraulic quick-coupler systems even safer, and to minimise the risk of accidents caused through incorrectly locked quick-coupler systems. Two limit switches inside the quick-coupler system check the correct fit of the quick-coupler system in the roof of the bucket and the correct traversing position of the locking bolts. An operating unit in the excavator cabin forwards this information to the driver via a visual signal. In order to prevent inadvertent unlocking, the unlocking process has to be conducted by pressing two buttons simultaneously. In the middle of the year, JR Sensor Control, which has been subjected to long-term tests, will go on sale. The fact that Rädlinger is attempting with this new development to solve a problem which has concerned customers and users was made clear through the visitors’ interest in the functionality of the control system.

Optimum starting position for the following years

Presenting the product range and its innovations is only one aspect of bauma. The other aspect is the exchange with industry specialists, customers and suppliers. Here important cornerstones could be laid for further collaboration, further product development and new orders. In spite of the size of the trade fair, the routes around bauma are relatively short. The whole industry met, and trends and user requirements were crystallised.

Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau sees the coming years in a positive light. Further developments for the product portfolio are already underway. “bauma created many new national and international contacts for us; intensified existing connections and provided new possibilities for OEM orders”, said Daniel Meindl.

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