Visit to the B20 trunk road and Eschlkamer Straße construction sites

During a visit to site on 1 August, local politicians, representatives of the state building control office and employees of Rädlinger and Bögl examined construction progress on the B20 construction sites near Weiding and Eschlkamer Straße in Furth im Wald.

Earthworks have been underway since April on the B20 near Weiding, as preparation for the planned asphalting in the spring of 2013. Approx. 85,000 m³ soil has been moved along the 3.7 km section of road. It is estimated that around 25 000 tonnes of asphalt will be required. The earthworks around Weiding were completed at the end of August, so that the existing diversion can be removed at the end of September – two months earlier than planned.

The second construction site visited was the cut and cover site in Eschlkamer Straße, which is being built by a JV of Rädlinger and Bögl. 200 of the 537 metre long cut and cover has already been covered. Completion of the cut and cover section is scheduled for the summer of 2013.


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