New construction project B15: section Neufahrn - Ergoldsbach

The federal highway B15 runs north-south through Bavaria, from Hof to Inntal. Recently, because of renewal of the motorway A93, sections of the B15 have been repeatedly replaced.

In the outstanding development section between Regensburg and Rosenheim, the B15 is being renewed to the west. The old section remains. While the new section is being expanded as a motorway, it will be renamed as the B15 or as "yellow motorway" B15 n. The route of the B15 new, from Regensburg to Landshut in Rosenheim, is to serve as a possible detour to the Munich area, and to improve accessibility of the economic region of eastern Bavaria.

Just as athletes reach their limits, sometimes roads also reach the limit of traffic load. This is already the case with the old B15. Over time, 18,000 vehicles a day are too much for the federal highway with its two lanes. The Highway Authority of South Bavaria also draws attention to a forecast for 2020, which predicts a traffic volume of approximately 32,500 vehicles per day.

The construction company, Rädlinger, was commissioned in July 2012 with the expansion of a length of about seven kilometres from Neufahrn in Lower Bavaria to Ergoldsbach. The section will be completed by the end of 2013.

Even before the start of the road works, the commissioned company built the planned eight bridge construction works. In parallel to the work of Rädlinger, two viaducts are being created.

The work to be completed makes interesting reading:

  • 100,000 m³ topsoil removal
  • 800,000 m³ earth moving
  • 21,000 m  drainage pipes
  • 100,000 m³ frost protection layer

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