Attachments for best earthwork excavator choreographies

The cooperation between the heavyweight combination of excavators, trucks, crawlers, milling machines and rollers during the construction of the local bypass for the Hessian town of Nidderau looked almost like a rehearsed choreography. Not completely without reason, a resident local newspaper thus headlined: “Excavator ballet between asphalt and meadows”. Ten excavators were non-stop in use, filling the enormous loading areas of the heavy-duty tippers and dumpers with soil with every movement.

Several backhoes individually manufactured by Rädlinger Maschinen- und Anlagenbau have been digging ever more deeply into the masses of earth and ensuring that there is fast progress and that the construction project is completed on time. A bucket with a cutting width of 1.90 m can be loaded with up to 3 m³ of soil. For the formation of the 7.6 km-long local bypass, a total of approximately 350,000 m³ of soil is to be moved. The residents in particular are hoping that progress is fast, because the local by-pass will reduce the volume of traffic passing their front doors by almost 75% and will thus also reduce the amount of noticeable noise pollution. However, before the asphalt layer is ready to be applied, it has been necessary to dig 230 pits, lay 12 km of channels and set up five rainwater retention basins. In the process, the diverse range of applications of the rotatable Rädlinger trench bucket has been required. With the tilting function of 2 x 45 degrees, trenches and troughs, slopes and road shoulders, and other complex forms of terrain can be easily and efficiently created and levelled.

The tilting function not only simplifies the tasks, it also considerably reduces the amount of time required for them. Included in the project is also the backfilling of constructions with removed material, which can be re-integrated with tilt motor buckets, exactly positioned and proportioned. When dealing with such large amounts of material, as are often common with bigger infrastructure projects, it is the extremely high torques and holding torques of the Rädlinger tilt motors and the overload protection from the integrated pressure relief valve in particular that play an extremely important role. The Rädlinger tilt motors are also automatically lubricated by the hydraulic oil and are thus maintenance-free. The motor is protected against damage thanks to its high-tensile ductile iron valve housing and its position between the suspension sheet metal. Other vulnerable components are generously dimensioned and hardened or, as is the case for the hydraulic hoses, positioned in the suspension to prevent them from tearing off. These measures guarantee a backlash-free rotational movement and many years of wear-free use.

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