10 kV voltage line built on the ascent to the Swabian Alb

On behalf of NETZE-BW (an EnBW company), the network construction department of Josef Rädlinger Ingenieurbau GmbH accepted the order to build a voltage line (10 kV cable NA2XS2Y 3x1x300) and a cable protection pipe system (PE 50 x 4.6 mm) at the end of August.

The existing cable running parallel to the new line is a good 30 years old and had to be renewed by Netze-BW on account of frequent problems in order to guarantee power supplies to Bad Boll near Aichelberg and the industrial companies located in the area.

The line was routed over a total length of 1,100 m in a forest road to the transformer station "Dorfstraße" in Bad Boll. For the heavy wood transporter traffic on the forest road, the trench area was built up completely with crushed rock and the surface was re-profiled and finished across the whole width of the lane.

The project was completed on schedule after a construction period of five weeks and integrated into the Netze-BW power grid.

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