Trench Trapezoidal Bucket


The bucket is suitable for the regeneration of shoulders and for forest path maintenance and the cleaning of clogged-up and silted-up trenches in roads and forest paths. With the trench trapezoidal bucket, a far higher output per hour and thus higher revenues can be achieved than with conventional trench clearing buckets.


  • Can be rotated 45° by means of a cylinder
  • 2 x 45° tilting angle through tilt motor
  • Separately adjustable wings to avoid obstacles for unlimited range of operation
  • Embankment angle of 30° to 55° separately adjustable on each side
  • Base width approx. 400 mm
  • Available for excavators of 11 - 20 t application weight

Extra equipment

  • Wear package available for forest path construction
  • Rotary movement possible by means of cylinder or tilt rotator
  • Rounded-off front-insert blade

Rigid design

  • Bucket also available in rigid design
  • Individual profiles and embankment angles on request

Corporate Video