Ripper Tooth


The ripper tooth is used for breaking up the hardest types of rock (e.g. limestone, slate, nagelfluh layers, slag, basalt and granite).

Ripper Tooth (3D image)


  • Bundles the entire force of the excavator on one tooth tip
  • Can be combined with standard tooth systems
  • Very robust construction design from deep strut

Extra equipment

  • Wear reinforcement on the strut
  • Supporting plate

Ripper Tooth in use

Technical Details

Class Operating Weight
0,2/0,3/0,4 up to 3.5 t
0,5/0,6 up to 6 t
0,7 up to 8 t
0,8/0,9 up to 12 t
I up to 15 t
II up to 23 t
III up to 29 t
III/IV up to 38 t
IV up to 50 t
V up to 70 t
VI up to 100 t
VI s up to 130 t
VII up to 185 t
VII s up to 260 t

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