Rädlinger Quick Coupler


The Rädlinger quick coupler is compatible with the Lehnhoff system. As an all-rounder it is very versatile. Locking through two locking bolts which engage in a block on the attachment.

Quick coupler for excavators (3D image)


  • Rapid and secure changing
  • Connection of quick coupler and adapter via adjusting sheet on SW housing free from backlash
  • Sealed interlocking mechanics, long durability and low level of maintenance
  • Universal adapter system suitable for all excavator makes
  • Low loss of tear-out strength

Robust quick coupler:
The system is composed of two components: the quick coupler and the adapter for the attachment. The quick coupler has a robust, closed housing with two stable hooks, with which the attachment can be lifted, displaced and positioned before bolting.

Stable seating in the adapter:
The quick coupler has mechanically finished receptacle and placement surfaces for the adapter. The adapter consists of the receptacle shaft and the finished crossbar plate with exact dimensional accuracy and high quality finish. After bolting, both sides form a solid, stable connection.

Mechanically locked:
The quick coupler can be interlocked effortlessly and quickly with two crossbar bolts and mechanical dead-centre interlocking simply by using socket spanners.

Hydraulically locked:
A hydraulic cylinder with unblock-capable shut-off valve holds the crossbar bolts securely in position.

  • Quick coupler on excavator
  • Quick coupler on excavator bucket

Extra equipment

  • Certified hydraulic attachment kit: valve control with adjustable locking and unlocking pressure for double-acting quick coupler cylinder

Advantages over other manufacturers

  • Hook in HB 400
  • Back wall adjustable by means of adjusting plate for exact fit (MS-10 - HS-40)
  • Constant application of pressure

Special features

Compatible with Lehnhoff system

JR Sensor Control

  • Additional sensor-supported display of the secure locking status
  • Standard-compliant with regard to European standards in accordance with DIN EN 474-1
  • Satisfies the Prevention Directives of BG Bau (German statutory accident insurance organisation for the construction industry)

Technical Details

Rädlinger quick coupler (MS/HS-01 - HS-40)

Type Excavator/Weight (t) Quick Coupler Weight (approx. kg)*
MS/HS-01 0.7 - 2.0 20
MS-03 1.5 - 6.0 30
HS-03EW 1.5 - 4.8 31
HS-03DW 4.8 - 6.0 35
MS/HS-08 5 - 12 95
MS/HS-10 10 - 19 200
MS/HS-21 18 - 28 300
MS/HS-25 26 - 40 350
HS-40 40 - 70 800

*approx. weight, depending on the respective excavator suspension used.

Grab adapter with cross joint or arm pipe for original Grabber Fork

Type Weight (approx. kg)
MS-01 21
MS-03 27
MS-08 60
MS-10 185
MS-20 210
MS-21/25 245

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