JR Spade


Digging or excavating, vertical or horizontal operation – with JR Spade it is possible to perform excavations, digging works and clearings. Excavated material and damage, for instance, to pipes and cables can be reduced and the vertical digging depth can be increased.

JR Spade 3D graphic


  • Combines conventional and Radlog receptacle; enables horizontal and vertical operation
  • Open design for material movement
  • Standardised sizes for system Lehnhoff 01-08
  • Optimised installation height in conjunction with JR Tilt 90*

Extra equipment

  • Exchangeable blade, laterally moveable for more effective digging under pipes and cables

Technical Details

Suspension Class of
wall thickness
in mm
Length A
in mm
Width B
in mm
(approx. kg)
MS-01 Radlog 1 16 x 150 HB500 900 320 55
MS-03 Radlog 3 20 x 200 HB500 1000 320 90
MS-08 Radlog 7 25 x 200 HB500 1500 400 205

  • JR Spade in the field
  • JR Spade

* in conjunction with JR Tilt 90 the field of application expands considerably, e.g. 2 x 90° tilting

Corporate Video