Stone Placing Bucket

The stone placing bucket is especially characterised by its extremely far protruding cutting edge. As a result, the optimum collection and laying of stones, blocks of stones and quadrants is possible without any problems or tilting.


  • Far forward-protruding blade
  • Side cutting edge recessed far back
  • Base-sided fixing of stone-laying protrusi - ons for the fine placement of stones
  • Extremely robust construction design made of high-quality materials
  • Blade and side cutting made of special steel
  • Welded blade reinforcement in front and side cutting edge reinforcement below
  • Protective siding and transverse wear strips in HB 400/500
  • Heavy-duty and deep side cutting for force transfer from the box to the blade
  • Slightly protruding tooth holder at the corners and rear-narrowing bucket body for optimum free cutting of the bucket

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