Conduit and Trench Lining Bucket


The special bucket shape for use in conduit and trench-lining meets the requirements of a professional excavator operator. Even areas of conduits that are deep and difficult to access can be reached.


  • Available in various designs (standard, heavy duty)
  • Short bulge enables optimum lowering through the conduit formwork
  • Protruding base to the side
  • Tapering per side 2.5°
  • Steeply installed blade for grabbing material in deep conduits or corners that are difficult to access
  • Extended bucket opening by 15° for practically vertical cutting

  • Conduit Bucket, Trench Lining Bucket 3D graphic
  • Conduit Bucket, Trench Lining Bucket 3D graphic

Extra equipment

  • Ideally equipped with single-bar toothholder system to create a flat base
  • Front-insert blade

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